About Alchi Resort


Alchi Resort is situated in the heart of Alchi Village, in the neighbourhood of Alchi Monastery, more known as a chos-‘khor – monastic complex of temples. Unlike the other monasteries in Ladakh, which are located on a hill top,  Alchi Choskhor resides on a flat river bank. The local legend says the location was chosen in accordance to the good energy of this particular place.

Many has said that the positive vibrations are also fully enjoyable in the green oasis of Alchi Resort, surrounded by bold landscapes of high-desert, which Ladakh is. Our guests can enjoy views of Alchi Monastery and rocky cliffs on the opposite bank of Indus River, which is one of the seven most sacred rivers in India and one of the longest rivers in Asia. It originates near the Manasarovar Lake in Tibet going across Ladakh and Pakistan to finally reach Arabian Sea. Unfortunately its waters remain muddy in the summer, during the tourist season and show their jade green beauty in the colder months, starting from September.

Alchi Village lies 3100 meters up in Sham Vally in the Indian Himalayas,  between the snowy peaks of the Ladakh and Zanskar mountain ranges, about 90 min drive from Leh – the capital of Ladakh. It is often chosen as the first night stay by tourists who approach Ladakh by plane. Landing in Leh, which is very high in elevation (3500m), might bring some health issues for the visitors who not used to high altitudes. It is strongly recommended to travel west first and acclimatize in lower elevated Sham Vally for few days before you get higher on your Himalayan adventure, visiting Nubra Valley and Pangong Lake.


Alchi Resort was officially open back in 1998 by Tsewang Toldan on his heritage Alchi Lonpo land. Since then the number of huts has increased and new reception building arose above the glacier stream crossing Alchi Resort ground. The trees reached their adultery giving cooling shade during hot summer days and also the most delicious fruits – apricots in July and apples in October. We jam and juice them up while fresh and serve for a breakfast feast at our Restaurant.

Since 2015 Alchi Resort is managed by Tsewang Namgyal, the only son of Tsewang Toldan, who puts his special effort to keep resort as family run business and preserve its charming boutique style.